The Kelly School of Irish Dance is home to some of the SPARKLIEST Irish Dancers in Rhode Island. We teach traditional & modern Irish Dances with a perfect blend of whimsy, culture & fun. Our signature KSID charm creates dancers who smile, sparkle & shine on and off the dance floor.  

Kelly Irish dancers are made for the stage, catch a performance and you’ll see what we mean! KSID is an internationally renowned performance focused school. Kelly Irish Dancers have been spotted dancing throughout Rhode Island & New England, California, Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, NYC, Germany, England & Ireland too. Our dancers share their love of the dance to captivated audiences around the state, nation & world. The KSID studio was established in 2011. 

Classes are offered to the littlest of dancers through adults, beginners to champions and beyond. In addition to traditional Irish dancing, KSID offers classes in fitness & conditioning, performance production, feis prep, and ceili dancing. KSID is happy to find a class to fit your schedule. Check out our full lineup of classes here.


KSID is a member of the World Irish Dance Association, (WIDA), and is home to the first American dancer to win the WIDA European Championships!


Meghan Kelly, TCRG

Artistic Director/Owner                

Meghan Kelly began her love of Irish dance 25 years ago with Michael Smith of the Smith-Houlihan Academy & Deirdre Goulding of the Goulding School. In 2006 Meghan began teaching Irish Dance and by 2011 the KSID Studio was realized.

KSID dancers continue to amaze & astound, not just their audiences, but their biggest fan, Miss Meghan. She is easily brought to tears when seeing a Kelly Irish dancer shine with confidence on stage. Perhaps the greatest achievement for KSID and Meghan to date has been seeing her dancers dance on the World stage in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Brighton, England putting KSID on the world map.  KSID is currently home to seven dancers ranked in the top 10 in the WORLD! Plus 200 or so other dancers who are ranked #1 for their enthusiasm of being a part of our team!

Meghan is a former champion Irish dancer and a certified TCRG, with accreditation through the World Irish Dance Association. Meghan resides in Providence, RI with her fat cat Anya, her attack kitten Felix and her favorite photog, her husband Mr. Matt. When she is not traveling the globe or day dreaming of her travels, she dreams of becoming a ballerina & flapptastic tapper. She’s always thinking, planning, choreographing and scheming KSID’s next big thing. She hopes to continue to create opportunities for her dancers to travel the globe with their dancing recognized for their natural charm and exceptional dancing accompanied by the occasional bedazzled ensemble and award-winning sparkle & shine.

Kathleen Kelly, TCRG

Kathleen Kelly Chilton, Miss Kitty, joined  KSID in 2009 after a bit of (much) coaxing and pleading from her big sister, Ms. Meghan. We’re glad she eventually agreed to join the team as Kathleen is responsible for creating some of our most precise, sharp & technically perfect dancers. KSID wouldn't be KSID without her. Her sense of timing and musicality for the dance is impeccable.

Kathleen creates KSID’s champion level choreography with ease. She has an amazing ability and gift for understanding rhythms that Elsa…. ugh, we mean, Miss Meghan only dreams will rub off on her and our dancers. Miss Kathleen has become an inseparable part of the KSID team.  All that coaxing has paid off and the Kelly dancers truly love classes with Miss Kitty.

Kathleen brings over 20 years of Irish dance training to KSID. In addition to co-directing our company & champion classes, Kathleen is the primary instructor for KSID Coventry adult classes, teaching both former Irish dancers and absolute beginner adults. Miss Kathleen has hung up her dancing shoes from competitive Irish dancing, but not before winning KSID several first place national titles for ceili dancing. 

Kathleen is a certified TCRG accredited through the World Irish Dance Association. Kathleen resides in West Warwick, RI. When she’s not  answering texts with never-ending dance requests from Meghan she spends her days with her very own Prince Charming, Miss Kitty is a Disney fanatic with the likeness of Snow White, who lives for Disney adventures and seeing our Kelly dancers dance in Disney Fall of 2016. 


Miss Sheila 

Miss Rachel

Rachel Anderson

Miss Megan

Megan Quirk, Meghan Kelly Irish Dance