Dancer Spotlight- Miss Emily

We're wishing Miss Emily a very happy & sparkly 14th Birthday! 

Emily aka Ylime has been dancing at KSID since before KSID was even really KSID. 

She is our only dancer that can say, she has been dancing with Miss Meghan since day one, and a Kelly Irish Dancer from the very start.

Emily began her training/adventure/journey/life into Irish Dance in January 2006 just after her 6th birthday and now at the age of 14, it's fitting that she not only be our first dancer to be featured for our new dancer spotlight series, but also that she should be part of our first venture at dancing overseas. Emily is one of three of our amazing dancers who will be heading to Germany with Miss Meghan this April to compete in the World Irish Dance Association's European & World Championships, just 100 days to go! This is such an outstanding achievement for our dancers who qualified to participate in the 2014 World Championships. And Emily along with her fellow Company Dancers Megan Q & Claire J are all three so fortunate to be able to travel together to be representing KSID for the first time on a world stage. Proud is too small a word to describe all that we feel. 

Emily has proved since day one to be a talented,  hard working, dedicated & natural performer. She has remained since the very start, one of KSID's top dancers. She continues to set the bar high for what an amazing dancer can be like. Her stage presence is hard to top, she knows how to light up a stage and command the audiences & judges attention. We are so fortunate to have Miss Emily be a Kelly Irish Dancer & inspiration for all who wish to be just like her. 

Did you know Emily is not only a talented Irish Dancer, she is also a top student and soccer star.

She is the big sister to Jr. Green Troupe Dancer Rachael P.

Emily has performed in every recital KSID has ever had! And her mom even performed in our very first recital too! 

Emily's most iconic look is her signature green satin skirt & gold crown. 

The green satin skirt was made for her by her Mom as one of KSID's first "looks" and the gold crown was one of the first major awards she won.

Emily has won National Irish Dance titles several times over. She has placed 1st in every National & Regional competition she has ever danced in. 

Emily is most frequently called Ylime or just Y. It's pronounced Y- lime. 

Ylime, or Emily spelled backwards, was Ylime's Dancing in Wonderland workshop name given to her at a KSID Summer camp all the way back in 2009 and has been her name of choice ever since, spawning the trend for younger "Emilys" in the school to proudly want to be called Ylime Jr.

And now, most of our veteran dancers are best known by their nicknames, think Miss Kitty, Quirky, Meg-ha, Ky Ky, Kitty Kate, She-Ra, CJ, Isbee, Coffee Milk, to name a few.

Emily is perhaps our most serious dancer but you'd never know by the way she smiles on stage. She also has a tendancy to squeak. Listen for her high pitched squeal especially when she knows she is doing something right. 

Also, it should be stated, and get your autograph books ready, Emily has been in quite a long term relationship with Peeta from the Hunger Games for some time. Don't argue with her on this either. Y & P forever. 


Emily, we hope your 14th year proves to be one of your best yet & may you always continue to "Smile, Sparkle & Shine." Team Pink & Green forever!

And that's a wrap on our SPOTLIGHT on Ylime, who will we feature next?


Follow up on our January featured dancer: Emily P

Miss Emily danced exquisitely this past April for the World Irish Dance Association’s European & World Championships. Emily came home with lots of smiles & big trophies too. She placed 1st in the European Championships, making her the first American EVER to secure a first place title in this competition! And she placed 2nd for the Worlds competition, U14 age grouping. Amazing! She is already practicing and counting down the days until Europeans & Worlds 2015. But first, she is eager to to begin choreography for her roll as Dorothy in our 2014 December production of Merry & Bright in Oz. She is ready & eager to make her Irish dance shoes sparkle & shine ruby red style.