Kelly Dancer Spotlight- Miss Deidre

Meet Kelly Irish Dancer Deidre!

Deidre is easily recognized by all of KSID as one of our most dedicated, talented, and supportive Irish Dancers. Her red hair, sparkling personality & sheer talent for the dance makes her one of KSID’s “most famous” Irish dancers and a perfect dancer to spotlight!

If your dancer has ever participated in a feis before, chances are you have seen champion dancer Deidre and her family, sitting in the audience, supporting not just her fellow Company dancers, but all of our dancers from beginners to champions to dancers even outside of KSID. Deidre loves meeting fellow Irish dancers and seeing everyone dance their best on stage! She truly exemplifies what it means to be a member of TEAM PINK & GREEN. 

Competitions are her most favorite way to share her love of the dance and her talents with the world. AND speaking of WORLD… Deidre qualified for the World Irish Dance Association’s World Championships this past Fall and will be representing KSID this April at the WIDA European & World Championships in Düsseldorf, Germany. Deidre is our fourth dancer to qualify for and participate in these prestigious events. This will be her first time overseas, first stamp in her passport, and first major competition and we couldn’t be more thrilled and happy for her. She has been training at KSID taking several classes a week and has spent countless hours practicing at home too! Her clicks and rhythms are the strongest we’ve ever heard & seen at KSID and we know, win or loose, Deidre will make us all proud with her grace, attitude & spirit. Stay tuned for more on Deidre’s adventures in Düsseldorf


A few tid bits on Miss Dei:

Deidre started dancing at KSID in April of 2011. That’s just about five years of Irish dance training now, and she has achieved so much so soon! We know dancing will be a part of her life always. 

Her favorite Irish dances are treble jigs & reels. 

She may have red hair, be an Irish Dancer, and have an Irish sounding name BUT did you know, she is not a bit Irish. And to be sure, her name IS in fact Deidre, not Deirdre. But she’ll happily respond to either and knows it comes with the territory of being an Irish dancer. 

In addition to to being a phenomenal dancer, Deidre is a dedicated honors student. Math is her favorite subject. Her grades prove you can dedicate yourself to both your art & education.

Deidre is the big sister of Green Troupe dancer Nadia. They performed together on stage for the first time in our most recent production of Merry & Bright. Nadia was a jitterbug while Miss Deidre played the roll of THE Scarecrow in our Oz themed pieces. 

Deidre will be reprising her roll of the Scarecrow in our Spring 2015 recital in a costume made by her Mom. Her mom is a talented seamstress and is currently making with lots of love & sequins the solo dress that Deidre will wear on the World stage in Germany. Not only will her Mom be cheering her on from the audience, but a part of her will be on stage with her too. That’s one lucky dancer!


When you see Deidre at the studio, wish her luck & safe travels! 

And if you perform with her this March, be sure to say “Happy 14th!” 

Deidre turns 14 on a KSID March show day. 


Help Fund Deidre’s WORLD adventures:

From passports, to travel expenses, to dresses & shoes and dance lessons too, the cost of this honor is great. Consider showing your support to Miss Deidre & help fund her adventures here via Go Fund Me.


Follow up on our July featured dancer: Kailey S

Miss Kailey danced most beautifully this past July for the World Irish Dance Association’s US Open. Kailey came home with lots of smiles & big trophies too. Kailey is 2nd place overall!

Following her success at the US Open, Kailey competed again in the Fall of 2014 at RTN’s New England Championships and placed first overall!

Kailey remains one of our most involved & active dancer, attending classes every day of the week and participating in Jr. Company, as well as our Silver & Black troupes & Ceili teams!