Celebrate KSID12

In 2016 the KSID studio turned 5, and Ms. Meghan celebrated her 10th year of teaching Irish Dance in RI! We celebrated in Rhode Island, England, Ireland, D.C and Walt Disney World. The magic continues this Fall with the opening of our newer, larger studio. Be a part of a new season of Irish Dance with internationally awarded Kelly School of Irish Dance. Registration opens August 19th. Are you a Kelly Irish Dancer?

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The Kelly School of Irish Dance, LLC cannot be held liable for dancer injury occurred in class, on the premises, or at any KSID sponsored event. I, the guardian of the above named dancer, hereby consent to the participation of the dancer in The Kelly School of Irish Dance. I am aware that all forms of dance and the rigorous exercises associated with it place unusual stresses on the body and carry with them the possible risk of physical injury. I assume this risk and agree that The Kelly School of Irish Dance, Meghan Kelly, Kathleen Kelly Chilton, their instructors, assistants, and independent contractors, shall not be liable in any way for injuries sustained during attendance in any KSID program. I declare the dancer named on this form to be in good health and give my permission for him/her to participate in any & all activities with The Kelly School of Irish Dance. In typing my name below I acknowledge I have read and understood the above.
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