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Dancer Name
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Guardian Name
Required for dancers under the age of 18.
In case of an emergency, the listed guardian will be notified first. Use this space to include additional emergency contacts.
Please note any medical conditions, allergies, and/or other pertinent medical information you would like us to know about your dancer.
KSID School Policies *
I have read all KSID policies as stated on the KSID policy page.
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I have read and agree to all KSID tuition policies as stated on the KSID policy page.
KSID Photo Release *
I grant permission for the dancer(s) named on this form to be included in photographs and/or videos of activities with The Kelly School of Irish Dance. I understand that images may appear in KSID social media, websites, publications, KSID advertisements, and printed materials. I understand that I am not eligible for compensation for or ownership rights to photos used by KSID.
Release of Liability *
I/we understand that participation in dance classes and activities could potentially involve some personal injury. Despite precautions, accidents and injuries may occur. Through signing this release form, I/we (the dancer(s) and parent/guardians) assume all risks related to the use of any and all spaces used by The Kelly School of Irish Dance, LLC, (KSID). I/we agree to release and hold harmless KSID, including its owners, teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities used by both entities from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I/we will not hold KSID liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage or loss, which may occur on the premises before, during, or after classes. Furthermore, I/we agree to obey the class and facility rules and take full responsibility for my/our behavior in addition to any damage I/we may cause to the facilities utilized by KSID.
I declare the dancer(s) named on this form to be in good health and give my permission for him/her/them to participate in any & all activities with The Kelly School of Irish Dance. In typing my name below I acknowledge I have read, and understood.
A valid credit card must be kept on file at all times. Payments not received within 5 days of the due date will be charged to the credit card on file and processed as a late payment. Late payments are subject to a 5% processing fee and $20 late fee.
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There are no processing fees for on-time online or in-studio payments. Please note automatic tuition payments processed through KSID are subject to a 4% convenience fee.
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