All new and returning dancers must register online to secure their place in our 2019-2020 dance year. Completed registration includes paid first quarter tuition, paid registration fee, and a completed registration form.


The 2019–2020 dance season includes 40 weeks of class time. Tuition is divided into four 10-week sessions.

Note: Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable unless written medical authorization is provided. Tuition will be prorated for dancers joining KSID mid season.

  • Fall 2019 10wk tuition due at time of registration

  • Winter 2019 10wk tuition due November 9th thru November 14th

  • Winter 2020 10wk tuition due February 1st thru February 12th

  • Spring 2020 10wk tuition due April 11th thru April 22nd

Payments may be made online via your dancer's CLASS page or in studio via cash or check made payable to The Kelly School of Irish Dance. Automatic payments are available for the 2019-2020. Dancers who opt to enroll in auto tuition payments are subject to a 4% processing fee.

Any payment outstanding five days from the due date will be charged to the credit card on file provided at time of registration. A 5% processing fee and a $20 late fee will be added to the payment. Families must keep a valid credit card on file at all times. You may change your card on file at any time via our Card Update form.

  • Late payments processed by KSID are subject to a $20 late fee

  • Late payment processed by KSID are subject to a 5% processing fee

  • Returned checks are subject to a $40 return item fee

If there is a family emergency or extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us to discuss potential payment plans. 

Discounts are only available to accounts paid on time.

  • Sibling Discount: 10% discount available for the lesser tuition amount(s)
    Note: Families paying online please contact KSID for your custom tuition discount code.

  • Parent Discount: 25% discount available for KSID parents taking our Adult class

  • Multi-Class Discounts: Discounted multi-class pricing is automatically applied at checkout. No codes needed!

Families that wish to split 10-week tuition payments in to 5-week installments, please contact KSID for an updated tuition schedule and payment options.

Tuition and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless written medical authorization is provided. Dancers on a medical leave may not sit in on classes due to liability concerns. 

KSID reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet our registration minimums. Registered dancers will be provided with an alternative class or refund if no class time is available. 

New dancers are invited to try out a class with us before deciding to take weekly classes! All dancers must submit a registration form with medical release prior to attending a trial class. Tuition will be prorated to match the remaining session weeks. 


KSID class groupings are designed with your dancer in mind for their best learning and dancing experience. 

Dancers begin their dance experience at KSID in one of our troupe classes. Each troupe class has a unique average age and ability composition. Dancers may be in the same troupe for several years as the troupes are designed to grow with the dancers. Green and Silver troupe dancers may be eligible to join a Company-track class. Company classes differ from troupe classes primarily in their minimum weekly class hour commitment and costume requirements. The make up and abilities of our troupe and company classes vary each year, and dancers may move between classes throughout the year at the recommendation of KSID. All troupe and company classes are taught to bring out the best in our Kelly Irish Dancers!

Missed classes cannot be refunded, carried over, or applied as credit towards future dance sessions. An excessive number of missed classes may prevent your dancer from participating in certain performances. Classes can be made up during the session in which the class is missed. 

If a class is canceled due to inclement weather or any unforeseen reasons, an email will be sent to all registered dancers at the email addresses provided at the time of registration. Cancellation notices may also be posted to our FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM , the RI Broadcasters Association page, and on our KSID website. There are no refunds on missed class time due to inclement weather.

If a performance, parade, rehearsal, feis, or other KSID-sponsored or endorsed event is scheduled during class time, there will be no tuition refunds, adjustments, or scheduled replacement classes. Dancers who do not participate in the event scheduled during class time are invited to attend a make-up class as per our DANCER ABSENCE policy.


Dancers are expected to arrive to class on time, and no more than five minutes early. Dancers are expected be ready to dance, learn, and have fun! Dancers are expected to be respectful of one another and staff. Any dancer causing a disruption will be asked to sit down or leave for the duration of the class. Parents will be notified of any excessive behavioral issues. 

Dancers are encouraged to practice! Practicing is the only way to remember your steps, improve your dance skills! 


  • Tank, Tee, or Leotard

  • Spandex Shorts, Skorts, or Leggings

  • Tutus and dance skirts are OK for Lil Beginners

  • Clean Practice Poodle Socks

  • Appropriate and KSID approved Dance Shoes

  • Hair Tied Up and Neat

  • Good Hygiene

  • Costumes must NOT be worn in class as class attire


  • Lil Beginners may wear black leather ballet slippers (jazz shoes for boys) to begin classes

  • Beginner, Troupe, & Company dancers must wear traditional Irish Dance soft shoes/ghillies

  • Traditional hard shoes are required for hard shoe instruction

  • Black leather tap shoes, white straps, or white laces are NOT allowed

  • Company dancers must wear champion style, black laced, soft shoes and black-soled hard shoes

There are many Irish dance brands to choose from when fitting your dancer to appropriate shoes. The only brands we recommend and allow are the following:
1. Fays
2. Rutherford
3. Celtic Choice
4. Inishfree
5. Antonio Pacelli

Poodle socks are required for wear in your Irish dance shoes and are always available for purchase at the studio. Wear them while fitting new dance shoes and during practice to ensure a proper fit. For dancers who choose to compete or perform with KSID, brand new poodle socks should be worn each time to ensure perfect presentation! 

Dancers are to remain in the waiting room until the previous class has left the studio and their instructor has come to welcome them in. Leave your street shoes on the waiting room shelves and take this time to put on your soft shoes so no class time is wasted!

We ask that parents please do not enter the dance studio rooms. The dirt and salt from street shoes does a number on our sprung marley floor and often the extra traffic causes a distraction, especially with our littler dancers! 

At the end of class, dancers will collect their belongings and must be picked up promptly. KSID can only be responsible for your dancer during class time. For dancers in the last classes of the day, please take extra consideration for our instructor’s time. 


All costume requirements are included individually on your dancer's CLASS page.

Dancers who do not have all pieces of their costume may not be allowed to perform.

KSID skirts and dresses may be reused or resold for several dance seasons if kept in good condition. For hygienic purposes, we do not facilitate the resale of leotards or poodle socks. Have a costume to resell? Bring items to KSID to be stored in our costume closet. Please include your dancers’ name on the item.

Dancers that would like to purchase the Kelly School school dress should first notify KSID. A $300 non-refundable deposit will be due in order to send the measurements to the seamstress. 

NOTE: The dressmaking process can take up to 12 weeks and requires KSID to submit a minimum order of 5 dresses to be completed at one time. Dancers considering dresses, please plan to buy during KSID dress buying periods.

Solo dresses are optional for all dancers competing at prizewinner, preliminary or champion levels of solo competitions.

NOTE: All solo dresses must be approved by KSID before purchase. Dancers commissioning a new solo dress must consult with KSID before hiring a dressmaker. KSID reserves the right to not approve a design or used solo dress purchase, and the right to not allow a dancer to wear a dress purchased without approval at KSID-sponsored events. For alterations to a new or used solo or school dress, KSID recommends Sueno or Bassy’s.

Lil beginners may wear black leather ballet slippers (jazz shoes for boys). Beginners and troupe dancers must wear traditional soft shoes. Company dancers must wear split sole champion soft shoes. For safety and presentation purposes, soft shoes should not be purchased with "room to grow" as the leather will stretch to fit the foot. 

Traditional hard shoes are required for hard shoe performances. Company dancers must wear black-soled hard shoes. Black leather tap shoes, white strapped hard shoes, and white laces are NOT allowed. A KSID-approved bling buckle is optional for Avoca, Boyne, Liffey, or Clare Company classes only. For safety and presentation purposes, hard shoes should not be purchased with "room to grow" as the leather will stretch to fit the foot. 

There are many Irish dance brands to choose from when fitting your dancer to appropriate shoes. The only brands we recommend and allow are the following:
1. Fays
2. Rutherford
3. Celtic Choice
4. Inishfree
5. Antonio Pacelli

All dance tights must be Capezio brand black footed dance tights. It is strongly recommended that dancers keep an extra unopened pair on hand for performances as tights with visible rips, runs, or holes (and the dancer wearing them) will not be allowed on stage. 

Poodle socks must be clean and bright white. Stained, dingy, or dirty socks (and the dancer wearing them) will not be allowed on stage. All dancers are required to have a new pair of socks prior to Merry & Bright, the KSID Spring Recital, and all major competitions. All dancers must also have sock glue on hand to ensure socks do not slip on stage. 

Kelly Irish Dancers are always expected to look neat and professional. Details on how your dancer's hair and make up is to be worn for performance will be provided in class and via email before each show. 

Makeup is only allowed for dancers 11+ and must be tasteful, age appropriate, and approved by KSID.
Use of fake tan by Champion level competitive dancers is discouraged and never required for performance. 

Wigs, even bun or pony tail wigs, are not allowed in any KSID performance. Wigs are only allowed for prizewinner - champion-level dancers at major competitions and are always optional, never required. Please consult with KSID before buying a wig as there are only a few styles allowed. A sample hair ring is available for use at the studio to determine your dancer’s best hair color match. 


All troupe and company dancers are invited to perform in select performances during our St. Patrick's Day show season. Participation in shows is contingent on your dancer being able to make all rehearsals, meet expectations set in class prior to show time, and tuition up to date. Performance invitations and details will be sent to dancers in February.

Merry & Bright, our annual holiday spectacular takes the stage each December. Participation is open to all Kelly Irish Dancers, contingent on your dancer being able to make all rehearsals, meet expectations set in class prior to show time, and tuition up to date. Our 2019 performance date and location are still in the works, stay tuned!  

Our 2020 Spring Recital will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket, RI. Participation is open to all Kelly Irish Dancers, contingent on your dancer being able to meet expectations set in class prior to recital season and tuition is up to date.

Flash photography or filming of any kind are never allowed at the KSID Spring Recital or Merry & Bright. Professionally filmed DVDs/Bluerays will be available for order after each performance. 


Every Kelly Irish Dancer is welcome to participate in an Irish dance competition or feis, pronounced fesh.

Participation is an excellent way for dancers to gauge their improvement in Irish dance, boost their confidence, make memories with dance friends outside of the studio, and of course to TRAVEL! Participation in competitions (feiseanna) is NEVER required of your dancer and does not affect dancer’s class placement within KSID. 
Check out our KSID FEIS FAQ for more details.

We expect dancers to perform their best and be proud for participating regardless of results. Excellent sportsmanship is essential. We want Kelly Irish Dancers, and dance parents to be known for their outstanding sportsmanship and smiles. 

We do not contest adjudicators’ results.
Judges should never be approached at a feis. Parents are not allowed to discuss dancer results with judges or other dance schools. Competition results simply reflect how a judge perceives your dancer in one moment in time and does not affect dancer placement within KSID. 


Please respect our teachers’ privacy and time. Teacher's personal numbers, if known, must be kept private and used only in absolute emergencies. Messages received via teacher’s personal social media accounts RE: KSID outside of studio hours, will not be responded to. Please direct all KSID-related matters to our email or KSID social accounts.

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Photographs and video recordings of your dancer may be taken throughout the year during our classes and at KSID events. Your dancer may appear on our website, KSID social media, or in other promotional materials. The art of Irish dance is constantly evolving and capturing these moments and your dancers’ smiling faces is our way to share our sparkle & shine with the world and watch KSID grow. We respect your choice to opt out of KSID media. Kindly let us know at the time of registration if you do NOT want your child to appear in any KSID material. Doing so may limit dancer participation in recorded KSID events.

KSID can be reached at (401) 595-7866. Messages are not checked daily, so please allow 72 hours for a return call. 

KSID is dedicated to developing a true team, and a dance family that we are all proud to be a part of. We love offering performances and events to our dancers, and they are truly made possible and successful thanks to our awesome volunteers. Please, whenever you see an opportunity to help out, consider volunteering your time. Thank you!

PSST, we especially love dance families helping to keep our waiting room neat!

Just ask! We welcome any and all questions and can’t wait to be a part of your dancer’s journey.